Wiser Tomorrow dwells on anything and everything sustainable.  May it be on how we should live, interact, the things we should use, visions that we should put into reality, everything that can affect, promote and obtain sustainability. For a brighter future… Let’s discuss it here.

cropped-k61.pngKyle Albert has been actively involved in ed-tech drives in London since 2011. He currently works as a researcher and writer specializing in the integration between technology and education.

 Has undergraduate degree in Business Technology Management from the University of Greenwich. He is currently finishing his master’s thesis about the implications of distance and digital learning on learners across all age demographics. 

Passionately believes that mobile technology is a significant tool in education and is enthusiastic about various trends in the industry, including MOOCs, and Web 2.0 resources including augmented reality technologies. He considers traveling the world as a volunteer technology educator to kids as his greatest achievement so far. He plans on initiating ‘Teach for Tomorrow’, a collective effort from peers in the industry to spread ed-tech across the world, in the nearest future.



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