10 Ways Smartphones are helping Revolutionize the Non-profit scene

4As smartphones outsell desktop computers, the rate at which non-profits use this nifty device is also increasing, mainly to improve business mobility. Specifically, these handsets are maximized to devise new fundraising projects, reach out to donors, and advertise cause. In a previous post, we’ve shown you how Google Apps are used effectively in the industry; this time we’ll provide some tips on how you can leverage your handset for effective implementation.

1.   Mobile work space optimization

A synchronized mobile workforce is essential in establishing employee management. If you’re planning to implement Android handsets, you can use the VMware Horizon, a dual persona solution from Verizon Wireless that creates a virtual corporate workspace by controlling your IT department remotely. This provides security, as the flow of information, corporate data, and applications are packed into a single unit.

2.   Instagram your cause

As phones come with high-tech cameras, they can be used to post images and videos to social platforms such as Instagram. It’s a great promoting tool, allowing you to connect to the global community to raise awareness. During operations, you can post behind the scene footages, reflecting the main message of your idealism.

3.   QR Codes for marketing

Non-profit Marketing Blog said that QR Codes can be used to interact with volunteers, donors, and among the organization staff. You can use this trend in two ways: for fundraising and event promotion. For fundraising, you can let online contributors to scan a code that redirects them to your online donation page. For event promotion, QR codes allow them to pre-register or reserve their tickets prior to the event.

4.   Adapting mobile website

Organizations are adapting their website for mobile viewing, as more donors access their page through a smartphone or a tablet. To take advantage of this technology, you must use a responsive web layout, as its flexibility allows you to tweak your page to fit various screen sizes. If a sponsor finds your page mobile-friendly, he’ll feel secure to make transactions with your organization.

5.   Development of apps

Non-profit groups are now developing their own mobile app to promote their cause. You can develop your mobile-based tool to assist sponsors with information on how to make donations and respond to invitations. If you’re after the iOS platform, Mashable notes that you must create a model based on your mobile users’ behavior, without any payment system.

6.   Text messaging for employee management

Modern organizations are ditching emails for a group texting mechanism, especially when communicating with members and volunteer workers. Using this mechanism is more effective, as emails tend to get lost, remain unread, or land in the SPAM folder. Employees can respond easily, especially when sending important information to the main base.

7.   Recruiting through social media

NTEN.org notes that social media is an effective way to recruit volunteers, and encourage them to share and act. Moreover, this trend allows users to be informed of your organization’s activities, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is best manifested by the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF, where they have a dedicated Pinterest board for community work photos.

8.   Providing donors your location

Mobile phones create more online buzz about your upcoming event, with the help of location-based tools. It states more details about the event and your chosen location. Smartphones are capable of running Geo-location social networks such as Foursquare and Gowalla, allowing donors to be updated on your current charity mission.

9.   NFC increases donation volume

Q4 Mobile said that Near Field Communication (NFC) allows organizations to increase donation volume and donor interest. Instead of using barcodes, donors can easily communicate through NFC codes by bringing their handset near an NFC-enabled device. Similar to QR Codes, NFC can bring donors straight to the donation pages, where they can see other advertisements for your charity.

10.  Mobile optimization of emails

According to eConsultancy, 41% of emails are now opened through smartphones, wherein 63% of recipients delete the ones not optimized for mobile. This prompts non-profits to use the right mobile email templates, which is characterized by plain texts and one-column layouts. These factors make campaign emails more successful on mobile.





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